Central African Republic

Lowland Gorilla - CAR
Forest Elephants - CAR
Waterfall - Central African Republic

If the mysterious tropical forests of Africa fascinate you then Central African Republic is the destination for you – a journey into the untouched rainforests of Central Africa. This vast region, spanning three countries sparsely populated with Bantu tribes and nomadic groups of pygmies will not disappoint the adventurer and wildlife lover. Dzanga-Sangha lies in the northern section of the Congo Basin, as is a protected area known for its beautiful rainforests, which are host to a remarkable diversity of wildlife and a multitude of bird species. A rich local culture, comprising the Sangha fishermen as well as hunting and gathering Baka, are present in the area.

Our journeys in to the heart of the Central African Republic’s rainforests are designed for the intrepid traveller and wildlife enthusiast who is interested in maximising the opportunity of experiencing two of the iconic activities (Gorilla trekking and Dzanga Bai) and time along the Sangha River.

Large populations of Forest Elephant, Lowland gorillas, 16 of the country’s primate species, hundreds of birds species, frogs, reptiles etc abound in this large reserve. Visit a village of Baáka pygmies and if you want, join them in a hunt for food in the forests. Sangha Lodge works with the Baáka in establishing conservation, especially of Pangolins, and aside from conservation and local development efforts, Dzanga-Sangha operates as an eco-tourism and research centre.

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