About Us

A chance encounter in the heart of Botswana that sparked a lifelong journey of 30+ years of wild escapades and countless adventures together. That’s the story of John and Debbie Addison, the passionate duo behind Wild Frontiers – a specialist safari operator established in 1991.

John, with coming up close to a half-century of guiding experience across the African terrain (and who legend claims was born with a map of Africa in his hand) and Debbie, a delightful blend of South African and English charm, have a knack for turning safari dreams into reality with their expert knowledge and ability to make things happen on the ground.

With over 140 passionate souls on the team, Wild Frontiers own and operate camps, lodges, safari vehicles and boats in Tanzania and Uganda, and craft safaris and expeditions throughout Eastern, Southern and Central Africa.

If you’re itching for the journey of a lifetime, search no more. Travel with Wild Frontiers, and come back changed.