Why book with Wild Frontiers

Some reasons why you should book through Wild Frontiers
Wild Frontiers is a specialist tour operator, at the forefront of organising tours into East, Southern & Central Africa.  We’ve been arranging safaris in Africa since 1990 and have just celebrated our 24th anniversary. The Directors of the company have been in the business since 1984, guiding and managing safaris all over Africa.

We are members of ASATA – The Association of South African Travel Agents. This is the umbrella organisation that monitors standards and fiscal discipline in the Travel Industry in South Africa.  This means peace of mind when booking.  All members have to undergo annual financial controls, and have a large share capital.

In addition, ASATA has an unbiased dispute resolution forum to which all members are bound, a strict Code of Conduct on how we conduct our businesses, and membership is only open to operators with extensive experience in the industry and who employ qualified staff.

Wild Frontiers has operations in Tanzania, Uganda & Zimbabwe as well as our head office in SA.  We believe it is vital that our operations (and our partners) are legal, tax paying entities in the countries in which we operate, and your money goes to the country in which you travel.  We currently employ over 200 people in these countries.  In Tanzania our operation is fully licensed, under TALA licence # 8901 In Uganda too, we are members of AUTO, the industry association and are also fully licensed, as we are in Zimbabwe.  Be aware that some operators are not properly licensed, a fact that may only become apparent when something goes wrong.

We also carry full public and liability insurances.

We have arranged travel for major corporations, as well as Getaway Magazine, BBC Wildlife  & Discovery Channel TV, Top Gear UK,  various radio station personalities various fundraising events, and many ‘personalities’… and we can do the same for you and your guests with the same skill and attention to detail. A list of some of our corporate guests is available on request.

Historically we are also proud to have enabled the first disabled person to summit Kilimanjaro, and the first HIV positive group to summit, the first person to walk backwards up Kili and plenty of other fascinating achievements.

“We have been using Wild Frontiers for our travel arrangements into Africa  since 1994, as we have found them to be the most efficient, reliable agency, and able to  “make things happen“ in the most remote parts of Africa. I can recommend  them“

-David Bristow, former Editor, Getaway Magazine.

Wild Frontiers coordinates travel for major overseas travel companies from USA, Europe, UK, Latin America, NZ, Canada and Australia, to name a few. These are top operators and leaders in their respective countries, and we are proud they entrust their valued guests to our capable hands.

In addition to this we operate the annual Kilimanjaro Marathon, a world-class athletics event at the base of the mountain – as well as the annual Victoria Falls Marathon and the Victoria Falls MTB Challenge in Zimbabwe.

These are huge internationally recognised events, proving our capabilities in this field too.

When we discuss YOUR safari with you, we welcome chatting on the phone so that we can design your perfect safari – having travelled to the regions and camps/lodges, we will obviously have experience as to which options would suit you.  The more information you can give to us, the better with regard to your likes, dislikes, expectations and interests.

We do not just “sell “safaris, we also OPERATE safaris, camps, lodges, boats, walking and guiding too.

We have operations and offices in  Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, as well as our own lodges, camps and boats in these countries means a lot – you are a Wild Frontiers Guest, on a Wild Frontiers trip, in many instances our own people are looking after you.

It’s our people on the ground who make our company – we believe they are the best in the business.

We also know the roads, seasons, capabilities of vehicles, timings of journeys etc, and make sure that your safari does not miss out on any highlights due to a poorly planned itinerary.

Vehicles – ours are purpose built, for the job in hand and are approved for use by the local authorities, road worthy and of course comfortable!

All guests have window seats – and plenty of room for taking photos.  Roof hatches for game viewing allow ALL people to make use of these — after all, this is what you are paying for.

As a rule of thumb, the more people you have in a vehicle, naturally the cheaper the trip – but you do lose out on certain things – so make sure you check thoroughly ALL the details, before you book.

Some operators may cut corners to save costs, or miss out parks entirely to reduce the price. Only detailed comparisons of what is on offer will show this up and often, even then, one can be misled.

Of course, a good booking agent to coordinate all the ground arrangements is vital. Our reservation teams know their stuff – they have experience, passion, knowledge and integrity, and some have been with us over 12 years. They know with whom they are dealing at the operational end, often having done the safaris themselves.  They KNOW what they are selling you.

We have great buying power and rates with major airlines and lodges, and many smaller places, which helps your budget.  The design of your trip by an experienced consultant makes for a stress free, well planned safari.

In some countries we use the services of partner companies. Our choice of these partners is vital – we have known many of them since the 1980’s, when we were guiding trips ourselves.

Many of these partners are now old friends, and know us, and our guests well. We know them well too – their standards, commitment to detail, honesty and integrity match ours.  We have full 24-hour access to key people, and you, in turn have 24-hour access to us!

Your Wild Frontiers Safari Designer will prepare a trip for YOU – taking into account your likes, dislikes, budget etc – using their knowledge and experience to plan YOUR perfect holiday.

Your Safari Designer (and if required the directors) are also available for one on one meetings with you if you prefer, to really make sure that you are getting what you want – it is, after all, YOUR holiday so it should be designed properly the first time.

Hoping you will experience a Wild Frontiers safari soon!

John & Debbie Addison