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From: Val Gandossini
Date: 07 Oct 2015 10:16:19

Subject: East Africa Safari - Tanzania & Uganda

Hi Tammy, I just want to th

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The Johannesburg Head Quarters
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  John Addison
Born in SA , but grew up from the age of 9 months in Zimbabwe.


Did many jobs, a bit of varsity, bit of military service, before running first safari in Kenya in 1984 while hitch-hiking through Africa - only job I could get without a work permit. After guiding in many countries, started WF with Debbie in 1991 and immediately set off on a recce trip by road to DRC. Business has grown from one typewriter, one landcruiser and one telephone to employing close to 200 people in Africa.

Over 30 African countries, have climbed mountains, rafted rivers, walked the Serengeti, canoed the Zambezi, had just about all the African diseases possible, eaten plenty goats and met people from many cultures and countries ..and still love it and have plenty more to do.

Wild Frontiers Leopard

Leopards, gorillas, elephants, kudu,

Eritrea and Southern Sudan

  Debbie Addison
Rather a long time ago - born in England (Gloucestershire), in the heart of the countryside. I came to SA some 30 years ago.. and fell in love with the bush shortly after that.. and have never looked back !
Strangely, my background is advertising and marketing - and I had no desire to get into the travel business at all!

However, paths changed, I met John when on a rather long sabatical in Botswana / Zimbabwe, and kind of fell into the safari industry cutting my teeth with a Namibian operator.

We started our business 20 years ago... after spending nearly 6 months bouncing around Africa in "Betsy" our trusted old landcruiser (and our home for a while!) exploring East and Central Africa- and then we started Wild Frontiers!

Travelled a lot of Europe as a child and when I was still living in England, and since then explored South Africa from coast to coast, including Swazi and Lesotho - plus Zim, Zambia, Bots, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Libya & Egypt! Further afield the USA, Canada and China.

Wild ones...elephant, cheetah, wild cat, zebra and anything young!

On the domestic front, horses, dogs & cats - of which I have plenty!!
Wild Frontiers Debbie Addison

The Polar regions, Latin America - and I would like to get back to some of the mountaineous areas in Europe.... preferably in the snow!

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  Laila Darley
Office Manager
Born in the UK

I have lived in Khartoum Sudan, Tripoli Libya, UK and for the past 30 years South Africa

I joined Wild Frontiers in 2002 and seem to have my feet glued to the floor.

I am proud to say that I have summited Kili, quite a suprise to my friends!!! I have had the unbelievable experience of meeting a silver back gorilla up close and personal and have also trekked the chimps in Uganda. My travels have taken me far and wide, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Egypt and many other African countries together with Europe and North America and China.



I am not sure that I can call my 2 beautiful daughters critters!! but closely followed by my 3 pooches and very dominant cat Brie.

On my bucket list was Singapore, Thailand and Bali but I had the pleasure of crossing that off the list. Now I dream of visiting Antartica, lowland Gorillas, Madagascar, Australia and New Zealand.

  Tammy Moir
Senior Safari
I am proudly South African. Born in Durban! Moved around differents parts of SA and finally settled in Johanesburg!

I joined the Wild Frontiers pack in 2008 after Living in the UK for 7 Years - loved it there but there is no place like home!

Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda - loved Rwanda and would go back 1000 times!!!


Leopard, Elephants, Dolphins, Rhino

Ethopia and Brazil


Delia Langston
Senior Safari

Born in Jo'burg
I have been in the industry for more than 20 years and have tried my hand at all aspects of the travel industry - from consulting (both wholesale and retail), Product Development, Marketing and even Accounts - jack of all trades ... I joined the Wild Frontiers gang in May 2014.

Where do I start … Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, UK, France, Amsterdam, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Egypt, Rwanda and Tanzania

 Penguins and Meerkats

See more of Europe, Morocco and Nambia

  Sarah Soldevila - O'Mahony Senior
 Safari Designer
I was born and brought up on the beautiful Isle of Wight, South of England.

My maiden name is Catalonian so have been very lucky to spend lots of my holidays visiting my family in Barcelona.  After university lived in various cities in the UK and met my husband in London.  We moved to South Africa two years ago and we just  love our new life full of sunshine! I was very fortunate to get a position at Wild Frontiers I love every minute! I completed my BA Hons Degree in Tourism Management at Cheltenham University in England and since then had various careers in the travel industry working as a travel agent and for different tour operators in the UK.

My passion is travel, that’s what I live for! I have been extremely fortunate to have travelled extensively to six out of seven continents. I have just recently got back from my South and Central America tour climbing Machu Picchu and visiting the Amazon was a dream come true.  Wild Frontiers also sent me to Uganda to go and see the Gorillas which was a once in  a lifetime experience. I have travelled Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and in and around South Africa.  I have to admit my favourite continent is Africa and I am so lucky to be living here now and look forward to seeing many more fascinating places! I have summited Mt Kilimanjaro - which I would want to do again!

Gorillas, Sloths, Elephants, Pandas, Zebra, Lemurs, Giraffes and Dolphins.





Antarctica, Madagascar, Borneo, Hawaii, Argentina, Colombia and the Galapagos Island


  Isabel Botha
Senior Safari

I am a Pretoria girl; born, grew up, went to school, church and studied in P-town - and that is still where my roots are! 
I also met my husband in Pretoria (even though he’s a small town boy from North West!), and we now have 2 little girls who keep us young and humble!

I studied Bcom Tourism Management and I LOVE anything to do with travelling! I have travelled to a few great destinations, but there's still so much to do and see! I joined Wild Frontiers in 2013, and it is definitely the best place to work, as here we are more like family and everyone is so passionate about the company.


I am so blessed to have been to so many lovely and amazing places in my life! Most of UK, Europe and some USA, Africa, Indian Ocean Islands and of course South Africa has seen me, but my personal favourite is The Seychelles... I love beach holidays!


Elephants, Lions, Giraffe, Dolphins, Horses... actually all the amazing animals God has created.




Wow...where to begin? South America, Mexico, Israel, Maldives and a BIG challenge one day – climbing Kili!!

Marketing & IT        
Profile The History My Footprints Favourite Critters My Travel Wishlist

  Annetjie Lourens
Web Administator
I am proudly South African. I cannot elaborate much on the breeding part grrrr (-:, but I know that I organically hatched in Johannesburg.
My wheening was done in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, where I could actually watch the cows grazing across the road when homework got too it always did, and there was a dirt road no matter which direction you felt like travelling in.

I joined the Wild Frontiers pack in 2005 after exploring the footsteps of William Wallace in Scotland and to see if I could still hear the chanting of the Cistercian monks at the ruins that King Henry VIII left behind and of course trying out a couple of other mad things first.

All over S.A, absolutely crazy about the Karoo, England, Scotland and Tanzania. I believe that every place you visit leaves its unique footprint on you.

Leopard, Elephants, Wolves, Tigers, Killer Wales, Dragon Flies and Butterflies

Machu Picchu and Egypt


Marketing & Accounts

Assistant & Carbon Footprint Analyst

Born and bred in the City of Gold Johannesburg South Africa
My childhood dream of becoming a Game Ranger / Conservationist came true when I got the amazing opportunity to work at a few lodges. I was privileged enough to be a foster mom to young wildlife such as a giraffe named Hamley, a very special Nyala and two stubborn Zebra just to name a few. Since 2002 I have been within the Tourism Industry and joined the Wild Team in 2009.

I am a qualified Carbon Footprint Analyst and a big greenie this is my passion - Iam in the process of making Wild Frontiers even more green - one footprint at a time.



I have left my footprints in various places all over South Africa, Mozambique, Mauritius, Zanzibar, Botswana, Zimbabwe a touch of Nambia and the UK.


My Beagles, Giraffes, Rhinos, Dung Beetles, Seahorses (due to the males giving birth), chameleons, sloths, Lions, Elephants, Rhino, Toucans, Wild Dogs ...this list could go on forever.


Machu Picchu, Brazil, Artic, Antartica, Europe, and more of Africa like hot air ballooning over the Serengeti...mmm







Born and bred amongst the palm trees, in Kwa-Zulu Natal Durban.

I migrated from Durban in 1990 to the city of gold, Johannesburg. I have been within the travel industry and finance sector since 1999 and joined Wild Frontiers in May 2013.

I have travelled to various places such as Europe, Far East, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.


When going to the bush I love seeing the BIG 5!

The top of my bucket list contains Vegas and North America.

Profile The History My Footprints Favourite Critters My Travel Wishlist
  Margie Goldring Accounts Department
Mutare Zimbawe, surrounded by mountains - the mist of the Vumba and the freshness of the air in Inyanga - where I ran bare foot and climbed trees, and swam in the rivers - I am proud to be African.

I have been part of the team since 1997 - prior to that lived in the `bush` with my hubby being `just a mom`- having moved from Zimbabwe where I was an Insurance Broker (Farming) for many years, with Bowrings. I took `time out` for a while in my working life and spent 6 months going overland with two very special people in my life.

Zimbabwe - The Mighty Victoria Falls, Zambia, Tanzania, Lake Tanganyika, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, Central Africa Republic, Cameroon, Benin, Togo, Upper Volta, Niger, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, France, United Kingdom. Egypt, Libya,, Mozambique, Malawi, Swaziland, and India

Kudu...`have you ever seen a kudu cry little girl` - John Edmond
Namiba, Botswana - Ireland

Profile The History My Footprints Favourite Critters My Travel Wishlist
  Tracey Salgado Front Office and Reception
I was born in South Africa. I grew up on a plot in Midrand. After walking miles home from school everyday, I would chill by going horse riding.

I joined Wild Frontiers in 2006.
I am a single Mom with three busy young adults. I enjoy all outdoor activites and I am a keen road runner.

I have seen most of South Africa. Also been to England and France and visited Texas and Orlando in the States.

Cheetah, Lions, Elephants, Chimpanzees and Dolphins


Australia, Egypt and Europe

Durban Satellite Office
Profile The History My Footprints Favourite Critters My Travel Wishlist


Traci Glen 
Senior Safari


The Bushbaby thing was deeply ingrained in me from a very young age. Being carted around on my mother's back as she traipsed through the jungles and forests of East Africa, collecting bird and small mammal specimens, my childhood was what some would consider slightly erm "different."

Born in Kenya, bred in Botswana & Zimbabwe, and finally spat out in SA, I still feel at home among the amazing "bush-whackers" who make up Wild Frontiers.

I joined the Wild Frontiers hooligans in 2002, I tend to get itchy feet and am easily bored, yet edging towards my 11th year with the company, boredom has never featured. Wild Frontiers offers a cornucopia of options,
for both culture vultures and wildlife nuts.

A few of the destinations I have visited include: Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique, USA, UK, Australia and Zimbabwe.

I travelled Namibia extensivley on the Bike SA Desert Run -ingesting copious amounts of soil samples en route.

Eles, whales, otters, bugs, and a new fascination with snakes & other reptiles.

Our bearded dragon is a very special nunu.

Antarctica, Jordan, Tibet, Peru and never enough of Africa

Wild Frontiers Uganda
Paul is of English family background, born and grew up in Malawi and Zimbabwe; he speaks Swahili and some French. Paul has been guiding for over 15 years throughout Southern & East Africa, and has an extensive knowledge of the local flora and fauna of Uganda as well as good general knowledge of many other surrounding countries. He continually trains our guides, and is available for guiding specialist trips. Jane, also born in Africa, lived in Europe & Africa and runs the operations base from our office in Entebbe, co-ordinating all aspects of the safari services to ensure a smoothly run operation.

Wild Frontiers Uganda has been running for 12 years. We offer good quality, professionally guided lodge, camping and specialist safaris in Uganda - visiting gorillas and chimpanzees, as well as some of Uganda's pristine National Parks and forests, or climbing mountains. We also own and operate modern sport-fishing boats on Lake Victoria for Nile Perch fishing and other lake based activities. As a recent development we now also own and operate an exclusive tented camp on Ngamba Island, Lake Victoria, a tented camp in Queen Elizabeth National Park, and manage a lodge in Bwindi. Our operations base is in Entebbe, Uganda. Owned and managed by Paul & Jane Goldring, they head up a staff of fully trained safari & fishing guides.
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  Paul Goldring
G&C Tours Ltd. Uganda
I grew up in Malawi on a tea estate and was schooled in Zimbabwe til the tender age of 13. Wild colonial boy sums that up!
Moved to Uk school and football hooligan training , until accepted into G and T club at agricultural college where a certificate in Farm Management was awarded.

After college I returned to beloved Africa to Tanzania and farming and horse riding safaris (rather funny as can't ride horses - they have bad brakes and are rather uncomfortable between full speed and walking!)

Started to guide tourists in 1986 in Tanzania and then in Botswana before moving to Uganda in 1995 to start doing trips for Wild Frontiers.

Still perfecting the art of Directing the manager Guiding and having fun ! I've been to the majority of East Central and Southern Africa, currently ensconced in the Pearl of Africa.


All of the real ones a bit partial to pachyderms and tree lions.
Anywhere west of the Seychelles, east of Kinshasa south of Tripoli

  Jane Goldring
G&C Tours Ltd. Uganda
I was born in Cape Town, moved between there and UK a couple of times finishing with my senior schooling in the depth of North Wales and then heading out on my own to South Africa there after.


I lived in the three major cities of South Africa over the next 15 years and then moved to Uganda where I have been ever since.

I joined the Wild Frontiers team in Uganda - in fact I started it along with my husband Paul Goldring. I was the office lady (initially the office was the entrance hall to our house!) and he was the safari guide.

Since then it has grown slightly and so now we have a stand alone office with around 100 employees including office and workshop staff, three lodges/camps around Uganda and a sucessful boat excursion business on Lake Victoria and the Nile river.

I have done a fair amount of travelling in my time - backpacking around England, Ireland and Europe when I was young (!), The Far East to see how they live and work there, USA to see just how big and better everything is, India for some meditation and then Africa from tip to top - SA to Egypt (not all in-between but working on that!).



Elephants have to be the top of my list.... all sizes I can watch them forever. Birds in Uganda also rate pretty highly these days - they are so visible, vibrant and interesting to watch

India / Nepal for the tigers, Iguazu Falls, New Zealand and maybe polar bears if I can find the right clothes to keep me warm!

Wild Frontiers Tanzania
Wild Frontiers Tanzania has been fully operational for four years. Ably managed by Max Latiankara and his highly motivated team, they are hands-on, 24 hours a day to look after all your guests needs. Based in Arusha, we have a fleet of vehicles and offer quality mobile camps, seasonal permanent camps in Serengeti and Ngorongoro, walking safaris and Kilimanjaro hikes. Our Tanzania operation is a member of TATO in Tanzania. Max is everywhere – you'll find him as much is the bush helping out his guys and looking after guests, as you will in the office.
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  Max Latiankara
Operations Manager
I was born in Arusha, typically African..
Wild Frontiers Tanzania has been fully operational for numerous years now. Ably managed by Max Latiankara and his highly motivated team, they are hands-on, 24 hours a day to look after all your guests needs. Based in Arusha, we have a fleet of vehicles and offer quality mobile camps, seasonal permanent camps in Serengeti and Ngorongoro, walking safaris and Kilimanjaro hikes.

Our Tanzania operation is a member of TATO in Tanzania. Max is everywhere; you'll find him as much is the bush helping out his guys and looking after guests, as you will in the office.


























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